Saturday, October 27, 2012

The need for change at Lord’s


Letter to members of the MCC

Dear Fellow Member of the MCC,

1. I am dropping you this email together with a copy of a letter sent yesterday to Derek Brewer, CEO of MCC. It serves notice of an intention to convene a Special General Meeting to ask members to support an independent enquiry to investigate and report directly back to members on issues relating to the Vision for Lord's / development. The letter aims to explain some of the key facts and the basis for believing that a full, open enquiry is now a necessity.

2. The issues being raised are serious ones with very significant implications. Our campaign to call for an SGM and then to win support to deliver an enquiry is also very serious. Whilst the letter is sent from Paddy Briggs and me, it is written on behalf of a number of other members, including a number of eminent members of the Club, those with first-hand insights into these issues who share misgivings about the manner in which the Committee has conducted its affairs on behalf of the members. We have to date generated a fund in excess of £50k with which to promote the SGM and plan to build upon this further.

3. We are now actively engaged in enlisting members in support of the proposed SGM. The Rules require us to produce 180 signatories. We would like to do this quickly and will need all the help we can be given, not least because the Club is unlikely to be of help in enabling us to communicate with our fellow members using its membership data-base.

4. If you are willing to consider being part of this, please:
a) let me know via email;
b) forward on this message and attachment to as many of your fellow members as you can and encourage them to be in touch.

5. We will shortly have a website available.
With kind regards,

Nick Gandon


The letter to Derek Brewer can be seen here: