Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Lord's Taverners Christmas Lunch with NIgel Farage - no thank you !

Paul Robin
Chief Executive
The Lord’s Taverners
10 Buckingham Place

28 July 2013

Dear Sir
Christmas Lunch
Although I am not a Full Member of the Taverners I do receive details of events and have attended some in the past. This privilege comes from my Life Membership of the “Brian Johnston Memorial Trust”.
I have received information about the Christmas Lunch to be held on 2nd December and note that Mr Nigel Farage will be the Guest Speaker. The Taverners is and has to remain apolitical. This does not of course mean that those who pursue political careers should be debarred from speaking to us. But in all cases such invitees must, I would submit, have demonstrated some involvement in cricket of a significant nature to be invited. Mr Farage is, I know, a cricket fan. But this alone does not, in my view, qualify him to speak to us. Indeed the only reason can be his political position. That I find distasteful. Mr Farage and the Party he leads are extremist and have views and values which I would suggest are incompatible with the “Spirit of Cricket”. However subtle he may be is hiding his views on 2nd December (not very would be my guess) his presence can only be seen as a recruiting exercise for his obnoxious Party.
I have the choice of staying away on 2nd December but I feel that I should make a stronger protest than that. So with immediate effect would you please remove me from any lists you hold, send me no more information about Taverners’ events and cease contact completely. I will be speaking to Richard Anstey to tell him that my decision in respect of the Taverners in no way affects my commitment to and support for the BJMT.

Yours Sincerely

Patrick S Briggs

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