Saturday, November 09, 2013

England flatters to deceive at Twickenham - again

What a weird match. The sober around me at half time predicted a bit of a rout in the 2nd Half (the drunks didn't care). England weren't brilliant in the First Half, but they were good enough. Argentina looked half a class behind. Instead Argentina very nearly WON the second half and only lost it by one point.

What the hell happened at half time in the England dressing room? How could they manage instead of putting the foot on the accelerator to put it on the brake. Then break the gearbox. And look for a time as if they were trying to find a way of letting the Argentinians get level. It was awful.

The England of the first half today and the second half last week v Australia might just give the All Blacks a game. The England of the second half today, and the first half last well will get slaughtered.

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