Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Less "Command and control" and more freedom for England's battered cricketers please

The "command and control" system in England cricket has a lot to answer for. You see this in the Dalek-like answers that the players give to the media – especially Cook, who has to be better than this. We the spectators pay through the nose to watch international cricket in England with the highest ticket prices in the world , by far, and not one minute of live free-to-air television. This generates a huge income for the ECB, all too much of which is wasted. In keeping afloat our preposterous, overblown 18 County system. In paying for far more support staff on tour than there are players. In paying the ECB CEO a banker’s salary. In facile PR and vulgar tub-thumping faux-patriotism at the 2013 home Ashes. Money is thrown at the players as well which is partly done to inhibit them and command their obedience.
Only a root and branch clear out will get us back on track. Stop the ECB being run by the vested interests of 18 County chairman. Force the guilty men at the top out. Spend the money more wisely. And free up the players as Lehmann has done in Australia.

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