Sunday, March 02, 2014

The charade of England advertising and interviewing for the "HeadCoach" job. It's a done deal.

Ashley Giles knows he's got the England "Head Coach" job as does every reasonably close observer of the England scene. The ECB is going through the charade of advertising the post and interviewing candidates for reasons best known to itself. But don't be fooled. The decision to appoint Giles was taken before Flower was pushed out. The job was downgraded to "Head Coach" in part to give Flower a sinecure in the set-up as a sweetener when he was forced to quit the "Team Director" job. 

Giles coaching experience is limited and he would not be on any other nation's short list. Even Bangladesh! We will now have novices in the two jobs closest to the team - Ashley Giles and his boss Paul Downton. Difficult to see either of them standing up to Giles Clarke who has tightened his grip further by having two men totally beholden to him in these roles. 

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