Saturday, July 26, 2014

Wko killed England Cricket?

Who killed England Cricket?
I, said the Aussie Quick,
with my fearsome pace,
I killed England Cricket.

Who saw him die?
I, said the Barmy,
with my little eye,
I saw him die.

Who gave up his Ashes?
I, said the Cook,
with my doleful look
I gave up The Ashes.

Who'll make the shroud?
I, said the Media,
with my caustic words,
I'll make the shroud.

Who'll dig his grave?
I, said the Public,
when I stay away,
I'll dig his grave.

Who'll be the parson?
I, said Sir Geoffrey,
with my rhubarb stick,
I'll be the parson.

Who'll be the Clarke?
I, said the Giles,
if it's not my fault,
I'll be the Clarke.

Who'll carry the can?
You will dear KP,
It was all your fault 
So you'll carry the can.

Who'll be chief mourner?
We will, said us all,
Mourning for our past
We'll be chief mourner.

Who'll carry the coffin?
I will, said the bag man,
through the lonely night,
I'll carry the coffin.

Who'll bear the pall?
We, said the Fans,
A forgotten tribe,
We'll bear the pall.

Who'll sing a psalm?
I, said the Tenor,
as did his feet..,
He'll sing a psalm.

Who'll toll the Bell?
I said little Ian,
I'll cut out the  pull,
I'll toll the Bell.

All the birds of the air
fell a-sighing and a-sobbing,
when they heard the bell toll
for poor England Cricket.

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